Business wait 3D talks

Videoconferencing in the past few years has become a new symbol of business communication. According to analyst firm IDC, in 2011 total revenue of the corporate market of equipment for video conferencing and telepresence was about 2.7 billion dollars, up 20.6% over last year. According to forecasts, in 2012, revenues in this market will grow by 18.7%, ie up to 3.2 billion dollars.
The need to conserve budgets quickly communicate with customers and partners, as well as reduce the time on long trips led to the fact that business processes have begun to change. While personal contact is still a significant element of doing business, negotiating through the video are confident of economic inevitability, as for the world market, as well as for the Ukrainian.
Videoconferencing systems are fairly simple solution: information technology that can provide simultaneous two-way transmission, processing, transformation and presentation of interactive media at a distance in real time using a hardware-software systems. Today you can choose any solution – from the hospital conference studio to mobile systems that are available to the user at any time and anywhere, from any carrier that is connected to the Internet.
Videoconferencing not only became widespread, but also constantly changing. If the previous limit of perfection were online services that are provided during the regular video “failure to vote,” and hang spillage images and the user does not guarantee system availability, but now technology solutions reached a high level of sophistication and comfort – telepresence, which create a sense of presence. However, due to the fact that Skype is more rarely seen as a solution for business and technology of telepresence is too expensive and demanding on communication channels, the recent widespread software server solutions videoconferencing, known for their portability and low cost.
As head of the Department assures UC of IT-Solutions, Zimin, Ivan, now kind of video conferencing solutions – this is only the beginning. Even today you can easily create a corporate video conferencing systems, video client application for mobile devices, video conferencing as a full HD and above. Today the leaders of the Ukrainian representative office can easily negotiate with the office on another continent, using collaboration tools, shared applications, and graphical presentation. This form of communication blurs all boundaries and provides access to relevant information. In the future, experts predict that we will be able to see the full integration of all communication solutions into one unified. With one device you can take part in the video and audio conferences over the Internet to be available to talk to all the existing channels of communication (video, voice, instant messenger, mail, etc.). And, of course, where do without the ubiquitous 3D, video conferencing is not a party went round? Stereo-video conferencing has been presented by several players on the market, so in the future, this trend is guaranteed to become widespread.
Now the big companies are spending millions to develop new, more innovative and comfortable solutions for communication at a distance. And while some companies are still not fully confident in the effectiveness of negotiations on SCD, most organizations do not think the work without fast video access to information and operational negotiations with customers and partners. As proof that not only the use of videoconferencing in business circles but also in government and public organizations, educational institutions, political parties and hospitals. The next step is video conferencing – to the masses.