Industrial parks in Ukraine can repeat the Russian experience

Industrial parks in Ukraine can repeat the Russian experience – Ukraine is not ready for a technology park. This opinion was given the head of the Department of unified communications company IT-Solutions Zimin, Ivan.
He noted that despite the statements of the authorities on the future success of the project of Technopark Vionic Hill, «Ukrainian realities dictate the need for large investments in the project,” but it’s unclear how these investments will benefit the business and what will become the main motivating factor for cash infusions. Mr. Zimin said that if the concept of the existence of industrial park will not be carefully worked out, it is likely that Ukraine will repeat the scenario of Russia, where, according to a study of the RVC in 2011, the vast majority of Moscow parks turned into business centers.
As you know, in Ukraine already has experience in building industrial parks, but their effectiveness is fairly low. Ukrainian legislation in 2005 did not stimulate innovation segment, in contrast to the European IT incubators, which have preferential tax treatment, and the first few years do not pay any taxes. In Ukraine, this scenario has turned out to be a failure.
eat at least, the expert noted that “the idea of ​​Technopark Vionic Hill, as part of the development of information technology is promising enough.” According to him, this is a very efficient mechanism, which is definitely “will bring new business areas for development, which you should definitely consider.” At the same time, the success of projects will depend on past experience, enabling the consideration of new concepts and selection of solutions that best meet Ukrainian realities.
According to Mr. Zimin, primarily industrial parks should be linked to existing research centers and are aimed at attracting young professionals from leading technical and military schools. A key role in future success will also play a transparent mechanism for the construction investment. He believes that government should create favorable conditions for foreign investors who are willing to invest in Ukrainian startups on the development of the industrial park will have an impact and a simplified procedure for knowledge migrant, which will attract leading developers from other countries.
Help. Bionic Hill Technology Park to be built on the territory of 147 hectares near the village Kotsyubinskoe near Kiev. Investment in the project should be up to $ 1 billion in the industrial park is planned to establish research center, high-production area, business center and residential complex, to provide jobs for up to 35 thousand. Construction of the industrial park will provide the company UDP, due date of the first stage of the project – the end of the 2014 Memorandum on the project between the UDP and the KSCA has been signed.