IT outsourcing: Math reduce costs

According to IT-Solutions, using the services of IT outsourcing, companies can save up to 60% of the cost. An example of cost savings on IT outsourcing leads Yakushko Alexander, Head of IT outsourcing company IT-Solutions: «Take a commercial bank, in which 30 network offices. Each regional office needs an administrator, the average salary which, according to the portals of the work around 3000 USD. If podchitat, the monthly cost of the bank’s staff salaries account for specialization of the 123 000 USD (including taxes but not including the cost of training, provision of workspace, tools, etc.). At the same time, full service regional offices of the bank company providing IT outsourcing services, up to 40% of the allocated budget for the maintenance of an IT infrastructure that is up to 49 000 USD (depending on the service level agreement (SLA)). As a result, the transition to service systems integrator bank can save a minimum of 73 800 UAH per month, that is, 60%. “
In addition, using the services of IT outsourcing, companies do not need to invest in non-core assets. IT costs are clearly dedicated and predictable, and service – controlled by remote control systems. It should take into account the flexibility of working conditions with atusorsingovoy company corrected with the help of individual prisoners SLA (service level agreement) that allows customers to control their own cost of service, selecting the desired service level, and, accordingly, do not pay for it. The underlying factor in the transmission of outsourcing is the fact that the fixed costs for personnel and operating costs are variable.
Demand for IT outsourcing is also dictated by the need to take quick and effective solutions in the IT sector. “The most in demand outsourcing companies that provide services” turnkey, “including IT auditing, engineering, procurement, and implementation of automation services. The pledge of their success in the vast competence, as in a segment of today’s software technologies, as well as in various international business practices, “- said Alexander Yakushko.