Network Independence

For several years, the growing needs of Ukrainian banks met through internal resources. However, at some point it became clear that the involvement of their own programmers to develop new databases and networking effectively. The need for systemic grew with each passing day. In this framework three-and five-year statute of limitations does not correspond to the realities of financial institutions. So every year they increasingly favor IT-solutions specialist operators.
So they save time and money. In the company’s IT-Solutions even calculated that, turning to him, the bank with 30 branches can save up to 60% of the cost. The calculation is simple: each regional office to hire a system administrator, the average salary is about 3 ths., That is, a month just to pay these employees the bank spends about 100 thousand UAH. “That’s not counting the cost of training, provision of workspace, tools, and so forth,” – said the head of the Department of profile IT-Solutions Alexander Yakushko. According to him, a full service regional offices of the bank company providing IT-outsourcing services, up to 40% of the allocated budget for the maintenance of such service.
But even if the economy goes low, outsourcing frees the bank from the same solutions of non-core tasks. According to a study of another company providing similar services – “Miratech”, almost 85% of the banks or have already switched to the IT-outsourcing, or are going to do it. It is also willing to give such work to outside specialists companies in the automotive industry and FMCG – 75% of the respondents ‘Miratech’ businesses. Demand this service and insurance companies, retailers and restaurateurs. In other branches of the penetration of these services does not exceed 50%. A small and medium businesses to make this decision IT-problems is not yet ripe. And the reason is not so much in the low awareness of how to move for fear of IT-infrastructure outside the company. And the leaders of IT-departments are understandably not interested in transferring their work to outsourcing.
The most in demand today, the so-called operational outsourcing. This includes maintenance jobs of employees, equipment repair and mechanical work that does not require high skills. “Paying for outsourcing operations, the company frees internal resources to develop and implement innovative projects that will help grow your business” – says the director of information technology “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Alexander Lyashenko. Prior to joining “Naftogaz” Liashenko was IT-director of “Wimm-Bill-Dann”, which also introduced the practice of outsourcing – all telephony management, information systems and accounting systems, the company carries out remotely. In every town where open trade offices, or under investigation, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” has signed contracts with IT-companies, which decide all routine matters: from the restoration of the cartridge in the printer to repair computers. “The company calculated the approximate time the number of situations that require manual work directly. It turned out not more than 10 hours per month, which it bought from the company-outsourcer “, – says Alexander Lyashenko.
A more complex and less demanded by Ukrainian companies – project outsourcing. For it is resorted to when the knowledge of staff does not meet the necessary. For example, when you run an innovative product. Typically, in such cases, the project team include both full-and part-time employees. But the leadership deliberately give foreign companies, which moves the project. While everyone is working, the client company personnel gain experience, then to maintain and develop their own project.
Also, the implementation of complex projects, the company does not always have the right amount at the disposal of professionals that will be required only for temporary employment on the project. “Imagine that you take the IT-system that needs to be integrated with virtually all departments of the company, which will require specialists in several different programs. But they are only needed for a certain period of time. After a couple of months, they will not be necessary. And when the customer accesses the outsourcer, the company provides professional staff in each direction, “- says Vice-President” Miratech “Alex Perekatov.
Dependence on the artist, who leads the project completely, customers considered a major risk of IT-outsourcing. “If a company, for whatever reason stop working tomorrow, the customer will be” no sneakers “and find a qualitative change in the short term will be very problematic,” – says Lyashenko. In addition, when dealing with IT-outsourcing company, the customer has no control over his work during its execution, and sees only the final results. So if outsourcing the work done poorly or not done at all, the customer finds out about it when it’s too late to correct the situation.
“It is necessary to remember that outsourcing is not always cheaper in the literal sense of the word,” – said Alexander Lyashenko. In his view, outsourcing in the first place is good that the company by transferring some tasks frees up resources for more important. This is especially effective work when necessary to solve a unique problem in a limited period or to make a one-time, but a very large project that requires a lot of new staff.