“Ukrainian mobile office will be in 3 years”

The Ukrainian company to implement the practice of workers outside the office (vorkshyftinh, from the English. Workshifting) will start in the next 2-3 years.
According to a recent report Citrix Global Index Workshifting, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne in 11 countries, today vorkshyftinh practice 37% of companies. It is predicted that this figure will increase to 93% already in 2013. The main cause of this trend in the world – the dynamic implementation of the business structures of new technologies. Barriers that previously prevented work outside the office, now removed by means of videoconferencing, online switches, presentations, etc. at a distance. Because of this, the employee can work in a completely comfortable atmosphere outside the office, with remote electronic access to all desktops and applications. As head of IT infrastructure of IT-Solutions Sergei Shcherban, the world famous vorkshyftinhu not yet reached the Ukraine. But it’s just a matter of time – according to experts, in our country to spread already popular in the world will experience 2-3 years. Shcherban believes that its most likely will start a trend in large international companies, a policy which characterized the work of the outcome. The new trend is convenient for the worker who can perform tasks in a comfortable environment for themselves and for the employer, which will reduce the costs of maintaining excess office space. According to experts, from a technical point of view, that worker could pratsyuvavty home, the company should provide high-quality channel of communication with the office.