Ukrnafta prepared the groundwork for the introduction of the messaging system

IT-Solutions Company announced the completion of the upgrade server hardware at the central office and branches of leading Ukrainian oil and gas company – PAT “Ukrnafta”. Update headquarters was carried out using equipment HP: High Performance Storage HP Eva 6300, the family of S7000 server blades and “blade» BL460. In turn, affiliates are provided with server hardware from HP ML 110.
As a result, “Ukrnafta” was able to implement an integrated messaging system Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. In the future this will allow the customer to solve the problem of performance, stability and scalability of e-mail system while reducing the load on IT. Also, the company laid the foundation for the introduction of stock balance control system, Microsoft SharePoint, and financial management.
The solution proposed and implemented IT-Solutions, has allowed improved levels of operational efficiency and data security, and simplify workflow in the “Ukrnafta”.