Video conferencing will save the environment

“Videoconferencing – one of the most effective ways to support the environment” – this opinion was expressed by Head of unified communications company IT-Solutions, Ivan Zimin.
Today, the pace of climate change alarming. According to the Australian community CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere peaked in the history of mankind. To reduce the negative impact on the environment around the world are actively trying to help reduce the amount of fuel consumed.
Partially solve the problem of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by using telecommunications. According to Ivan Zimin, reduce carbon emissions, reduce the impact on the environment and save money at the same time it is capable of video conferencing solutions. “It should be noted that passing through the city a distance of 50 km per day, the car produces emissions of approximately 185.6 g / km of CO2. If we calculate the annual amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the choice in favor of video conferencing is becoming apparent, “- said Ivan Zimin. The most effective substitute for hops video conferencing software solutions because they are the most mobile and, at the same time, have a high quality picture and sound.
According to the expert, today there is a tendency, when customers purchasing video conferencing solutions, primarily rely on the functionality and cost budgets. However, many companies will automatically reduce the number of car trips and air travel, which invariably affects the reduction of negative impact on the environment.