Vorkshifting needs a well thought-organization of the IT infrastructure

If we talk about the pros vorkshiftinga for the company, the more flexible mode of operation helps to attract and retain qualified employees, increasing their job satisfaction and, at the same time, reducing the human and organizational costs and IT costs. It should be said about the reduction in rental costs. It would seem that the barriers that have hampered the work outside the office, removed with the help of virtual desktop, video conferencing, online presentations kommutatorovi at a distance.
However, the Ukrainian company, yielding to trends vorkshiftinga faced with difficulties. Since vorkshifting – is not only possible, but also the requirements. In the first place – is the requirement for a reliable IT infrastructure that can provide security, flexibility, relevance of data and the stability of the staff so that problems on the remote computer did not affect the livelihoods of the working process as a whole.
According to Sergei Scherban Inter in an interview: “We must take into account that the telework meant by a well-thought out and customized IT infrastructure organizatsii.Servernye resources of the company must provide a safe, secure and reliable access to company resources. You need to clearly understand what hardware, software and settings needed for qualitative work. Also, there are different approaches to remote locations. This can be either a standard terminal access to shared resources and settings, and the decision VDI (desktop virtualization) in which each user can get its own operating system with an individual set of software, settings, permissions and hardware resources. “